7 Facts About Basic pH Survival

7 Facts About Basic pH Survival
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What is Alkaline water?

Alkaline water, described as water with a value on the pH scale higher than 7 (7 is neutral), has increased in popularity in recent years due to rising awareness about its potential health benefits. Advocates of alkaline water tout its ability to help the body deal with chronic metabolic acidosis, a root cause of many adult degenerative bodily conditions. Acidosis is a result of a number of factors including poor diet, stress and environmental conditions.
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Raw Food Diet: Alkaline at its Core

Is a Raw Food Diet also alkaline by default? Generally speaking, yes. Many foods that typically make up a large part of a raw food eating regimen, such as fruits and vegetables, are foods that also tend to have a higher pH on the acid-alkaline food scale. This brief article offers a few things you should know before embarking on a raw food diet plan.

Raw food dieters consume higher fibre content and lower calories in general. Vitamin B and C are reduced in potency when heated, so raw foods will typically yield greater values. Greater emphasis is put on consuming fruits and vegetables which are commonly alkaline forming in the body.

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Akaline Water And The Process Of Aging

Aging, as described by Alkalife founder Sang Whang in his book reverse Aging, is the accumulation of acidic wastes within our body. Our body must maintain slightly alkaline pH levels to survive. Our blood pH value is 7.4 at the artery and the cellular fluid pH value is 7.2 to 7.3. In spite of the fact that our cells produce acidic wastes constantly, the body fluids maintain this alkaline pH. Our body is an amazing surviving machine
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Is Alkaline Water good for you?

Naturopaths, chiropractors, trainers, nutritionists and health enthusiasts around the world advocate drinking alkaline water daily for improved health and well being. Here are 7 reasons why
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Suffering from Gout? A proven way to get rid of it

Whilst there are currently no pharmaceutical medications to cure Gout, there has been developed a highly effective way to safely get rid of the uric acid (crystals), in a manner that Gout will be terminated definitely. This proven method is discovered and described by the Korean American Dr. Sang Y. Whang. Based on his findings he developed the patented AlkaLife product line which will beat acidification (built up of toxic acids like uric acid) of the body.
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