Suffering from Gout? A proven way to get rid of it

In 2008, over 6.4 million people in the European Union suffer from gout symptoms.

Whilst there are currently no pharmaceutical medications to cure Gout, there has been developed a highly effective way to safely get rid of the uric acid (crystals), in a manner that Gout will be terminated definitely. This proven method is discovered and described by the Korean American Dr. Sang Y. Whang. Based on his findings he developed the patented AlkaLife product line which will beat acidification (built up of toxic acids like uric acid) of the body.

Gout is caused by the body's inability to remove excessive uric-acid via the kidneys. Uric acid can precipitate in the joints in the form of crystals, after which the body reacts with a severe and very painful inflammatory reaction or gout attack.

Gout can take an acute form after which it often moves to a chronic form, with persistent inflammations. Gout often occurs in men between the age of 40 and 50. Women can also suffer from it but less frequently than men. This is because women remove much acidic waste, including uric acid, during the monthly menstruation. It changes after the menopause when generally the level of uric acid is the same as that of men.

Gout usually manifests itself in one or both feet. If the uric acid crystal deposits are formed at different times and in random joints of the body (arms, ears, hands, fingers) it is called 'flying gout'.
Uric acids in the body can be formed by:

Incomplete food combustion. Uric acid is produced as a residual product, especially by foods containing purine (meat, fish, wine)

Medication. Many medicines contain uric acid as a decomposition product
High levels of stress
High-protein diet to lose weight quickly

The chances why one person develops gout and the other does not, even when they consume at least as much meat, fish and wine as each other, is to do with the hereditary properties of gout. An increased chance of developing gout is determined by genes. There is nothing you can do about this increased chance.

In a well-functioning body, uric acid is neutralized by the alkaline buffer, bicarbonate. If the bicarbonate levels in the blood are insufficient, the body can no longer neutralize the excess uric acid. Dr. Sang Whang discovered that because the body must get the uric acid out of the blood to maintain a constant pH, uric acid in the form of crystals is dumped in the body and this could give rise to gout attacks. This almost always occurs first in one or both feet.

Medication prescribed by doctors often consists of anti-inflammatories, such as Diclofenac. The purpose of the medicine Colchicine is to inhibit white blood cell production. These medicines only tackle the symptoms and often have harmful side effects. As long as the uric acid crystals remain present in the joints, attacks may reoccur. It is therefore important to dissolve the uric acid crystals to get rid of the problem structurally.


Those suffering from gout will greatly benefit from AlkaLife PH drops and Bicarb-Balance tablets. These two products ensure an increase in bicarbonate levels in the blood. Bicarbonate will gradually dissolve the uric acid crystals. Joints with dissolved crystals will no longer be attacked by the immune system with painful and severe inflammations. Many people are already helped by the use of AlkaLife. And because a lot of people who suffers from Gout also have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc., the de-acidification through AlkaLife also caused the other ailments to decrease/diminish. There is already a lot known about the treatment with alkaline water and sodium bicarbonate, however Dr. Sang Whang managed to convert these findings into a successful and safe product line

A recent study from August 2010 showed that gout is often accompanied by cardiovascular diseases, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). Up to 43% of people who suffer from gout also have high blood pressure. The knowledge that solidifying and accumulating acidic waste, such as uric acid, lactic acid, fatty acid, cholesterol etc., results in crystals in the joints, in plaque in artery walls and in a thickening of the blood, makes the relationship between gout and cardiovascular diseases almost a given. With all these complaints, the bicarbonate levels in the blood are no longer sufficiently present to neutralize and remove uric acids, cholesterol, fatty acids, lactic acids etc

So, as discovered by Dr. Sang Whang, by increasing the bicarbonate levels in your blood, not only are the uric acid crystals gradually dissolved and removed, but so is all other acid waste, such as solidified cholesterol and calcium deposits. By doing so, the blood will become cleaner and thinner again, as a result of which the heart has to pump less hard and the blood pressure will readjust

To conclude, the solution for the gout problem can be found by increasing the sodium bicarbonate level in the blood again. You can do this by drinking alkaline water. Alkaline water is water with a high pH value and can be made with AlkaLife PH drops. By adding 3 drops of AlkaLife you increase the pH of your drinking water to 9. By drinking alkaline water, sodium bicarbonate is produced via the stomach wall and directly absorbed into the bloodstream. A proven, safe and effective way to get rid of your Gout problem permanently!

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