Top-class sportspersons are only too familiar with the process of acidification that occurs within the body and muscles some time after their top performance. But also the less advanced sportsperson certainly knows what muscular pain is!

During sporting activities, muscles burn more nutrients than they normally do. This extra combustion of nutrients also requires a larger amount of oxygen to burn the extra nutrients in the muscles. In time, the supply of oxygen to the muscles becomes insufficient, as a result of which combustion by oxygen can no longer take place (anaerobic combustion). At this stage, lactic acid is released because the body burns sugars (glucose) to provide the increased energy requirements. The lactic acid accumulates and causes the pH value in the body and muscles to drop very quickly (acidification). At some point, the body will reach a critical stage.

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Pain, fatigue, disorientation and lack of coordination are signs of the lack of alkaline buffers, sodium bicarbonate, in the blood to neutralize the toxic lactic acid. In the days after the exertion, accumulated lactic acid can still be present, resulting in muscular pain which can significantly disrupt your daily functioning.

With the AlkaLife® products you ensure that your blood contains sufficient bicarbonate. The lactic acid and other toxic wastes that accumulate during your athletic performance are thus immediately neutralized. You do not suffer from the effects of acidification, you can outlast your performance and recovers quickly after your efforts.

Sodium bicarbonate improves your performance and recovery! AlkaLife® and Bicarb-Balance® for a safe supply of sodium bicarbonate!

To improve endurance, the ability to recover and the health of sportspersons, including top-class sportspersons, sodium bicarbonate must be added to the bloodstream in a safe way. With the AlkaLife PH drops you enable your body itself to produce sodium bicarbonate. With the Bicarb-Balance tablets and the e-Cal tablets, bicarbonate is absorbed into the bloodstream via the wall of the intestine in a controlled manner. In this way, you can be a few steps ahead of your sports competitors in a responsible, safe and simple way! All products are entirely natural, non–toxic and safe and contain no substances listed on the international anti-doping lists.

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