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I am a happy camper!!!

Great service and excellent products. After 3 weeks of taking your alkalife drops my gout disappeared. These products work guys! Thanks, John

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John Beasly - Nottingham, GB - Thursday, 14 July 2011

Very happy with Alkalife, gout is gone!

Since my 45th year I was struggling with health problems. It started with high blood pressure and antihypertensive medication was prescribed. Then my muscles became stiff and painful. A few years later also elevated cholesterol was observed. For this I got new medication to lower it. All in all it was getting worse day by day. I suffered from headaches and was very tired every day. Around my 50th I got the first gout attack in my feet. It was very painful, and often several weeks I could not walk. To fight the gout I got from my doctor colchicine, diclofenac, and later again allopurinol. With so many complaints and medicines daily life started to be a hell. Chronic fatigue, gout, stiff muscles, and often sick from medication side effects. My doctor said he could not do anything for me, I had to try to live with it was his answer

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PdeJong - Amsterdam, NL - Thursday, 14 July 2011

Very satisfied customer

Fast delivery and good communication. Alkalife helps me very well. For a long time I was suffering from gout. The attacks increased in frequency. I now use the PH drops for half a year and no more gout. Earlier, I also suffered from tired legs. For this I was wearing stockings. Now I no longer need these as fatigue in the legs has disappeared since the alkaline drinking water. I learned about the acidification as cause of gout (and many more ailments), after reading the book of Sang Whang. Alkalife has pointed me the way how I had to counteract the acidity

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Chistopher S - Surrey, GB - Thursday, 14 July 2011

Excellent products!

I heard about the products through my natural doctor. He comes from the USA and learned me about the importance of the acid-alkaline balance. Approximately 5 years ago I started to have gout attacks. My uric acid levels were too high and my body was unable lower them. All the medication from my previous doctor didn’t work, I had many side effects. When I searched the internet to look for AlkaLife I landed at this internet site. Very good assistance through their health coach decided me to purchase the performance package (alkalife drops and bicarb-balance tablets). I am very happy now as after 3 weeks of use I see already the swelling of my left foot decreasing (something that never happened with the medication). I have some time to go, but I feel that the products are changing my body in a very positive way!

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Gianni Verona - Verona, IT - Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Ottimo servizio e consegna veloce!

Ho ricevuto il mio pacchetto di fedeltà entro 4 giorni Grazie e alla prossima volta!

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Paolo - Lucci - Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Good service and very good products!

I am happy with the Alkalife organization because I received good answers to all my questions. I was suffering from gout and a high blood pressure for many years. Since February 2011 I have started with the alkalife drops. 2 months after I started to use it, the gout attacks disappeared. My bloodpressure went from 180/110 to 125/95. Thanks you Alkalife! J. Scheitz

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Johann Scheitz - Karlsruhe, DE - Monday, 20 June 2011

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