When a baby is born its body contains a surplus of alkaline minerals (alkaline buffers). As babies we smell nice and we have a lovely soft skin. On the inside the small body is perfectly clean. But as we age, our body increasingly accumulates acidic waste which it cannot eliminate. It is our Western lifestyle in particular, with its industrial food production, excessive stress and toxic environmental factors, which results in a fast speeding up of this process. Liquid acid waste is converted to solid acid and accumulates in various places in the body. The lovely baby smell and soft skin quickly change into less attractive smells and to a skin with wrinkles and irregularities.

Did you know that by the time someone is 50, almost 50% of their bodies' solid physical structures consist of acidic waste? This percentage will only increase as we get older!

In chronic complaints, such as rheumatoid disorders, gout and high blood pressure, which can be caused by acidic waste accumulation, the majority of traditional treatments only attempt to treat the symptoms. Subsequently, the side effects of these treatments shift the problem to another part of the body, which is eventually disastrous.

In Europe, over 50 million people suffer from one or more western lifestyle diseases!

With the AlkaLife® products you take a completely different path. AlkaLife gets to the root of the problem. It ensures that the acidic waste is removed from your body. A body that has been cleansed can reactivate its immune function and resolve chronic disorders. Only the self-healing ability of the body can actually cure pain and discomfort.

That is what AlkaLife means by the future in health improvement. Rightly Health-Up!

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