You are healthy and want to stay healthy. You exercise a little, experience a healthy dose of stress and you eat sensibly. By adopting this way of life you hope to enjoy your vitality for a long time to come.

A lot of people do not know that the process of reduced vitality is accompanied by an increase of acidificationof the body. Acidification, or ageing of the body, is a continuous process. Regardless of our diet or life style, acidification in time is a fact.

We assume that a certain dietary pattern is healthy but we do not know precisely what our food is made up of. Even though you think that you eat a healthy and alkaline diet, it is a fact that 98% of our combusted food always leaves some acidic waste in the body. It is a lost battle to think that by excluding a certain food group you can spare your body from the accumulation of acidic waste.

By following various diets, such as macrobiotic, low-carb, high-protein, vegetarian, raw food diets etc., you lack essential nutrients which results in all kinds of deficiencies in your body. Furthermore, these diets require much discipline which could be at the expense of your natural enjoyment of life. None of the special diets goes to the core of anti-ageing.

Alkaline water is essential to keep your body full of vitality!

With AlkaLife products you can enjoy a varied dietary pattern. AlkaLife PH drops transform your ordinary drinking water into alkaline water. By drinking alkaline water the acid-base balance of your body is kept in equilibrium. The alkaline buffers in your blood, consisting of bicarbonate, , remain at the right level, while you enjoy a delightfully varied lifestyle.

Sodium bicarbonate "the clean sweep" of the body!

You can see the alkaline buffers as "the clean sweep" of the body. Throughout the day they clean up the mess created by food, exercise and stress. In a clean "household" the intelligent body itself knows how to maintain vitality.

With the AlkaLife® products you can rightly enjoy a long, healthy future full of joy and diversity!

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