Kidney Stones

Kidney stones; a symptom of acidification of the body!


Kidney stones are a symptom of an over-acidification in the body. The stones consist of phosphoric acids and uric acids, in combination with calcium and/or magnesium (so called 'acid salts').

They form in the kidneys because the environment is too acid (accumulation of uric and phosphoric acids). The toxic phosphoric and uric acids are converted to solid form and bind with calcium and magnesium in order to reduce their immediate harmful effect to the kidneys.

Due to the problematic nature of too high uric acid levels, kidney stones often develop in combination withgout. Some people think that kidney stones develop because they have too much calcium in their body. This is not true. The best proof is that calcium stones dissolve in an acid solution, while kidney stones do not.

An effective way to dissolve kidney stones in the body is to increase the pH of urine (so it becomes more basic). You can increase urine pH by adding the alkaline buffer, bicarbonate, to the blood.

Crushing kidney stones only treats the symptoms. As long as the acidification of the body itself is not tackled, there is a chance that kidney stones are formed again.

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