Q. I wanted to ask about the PH test strips you can buy to test saliva and urine PH. I have some and am wondering how accurate of an indicator they are in regards to the blood PH that Sang Whang talks about in his book. My husband's saliva tests as very alkaline (first saliva in AM). Should he also be doing the alkaline water?

A. You are dealing with two very nebulous items. 
In my experience, the pH test strips are not accurate at all.  Some test strips are made for buffered solutions only, and some have very limited range.  A very accurate digital pH meter measures the blood pH that I talk about with the accuracy of plus or minus 0.01 accuracy.  Hospitals and research labs can afford them and can maintain the calibration.  For water pH measurements, we use a liquid pH tester with a color chart that comes from Japan.  This tester is accurate as it parallels with digital pH test readings. 
The next is the so-called 'saliva test'.  Saliva pH is a function of many variables and we don't believe it is an indication of a person's alkalinity. We tell our distributors not to use saliva pH tests to sell AlkaLife®.  Anyone getting old should drink alkaline water.

Here at AlkaLife International, we do not find that testing urine and saliva for pH is accurate. The reasons being:

Body fluid pH constantly fluctuates in order for the body to find and maintain homeostasis.  Thus, you could test urine and/or saliva, and 30 seconds later, it could be at another extreme (there is absolutely no accuracy to this type of testing).  Also, once the body fluids are exposed to the atmosphere, the oxygen and carbon dioxide become variables affecting the pH of that fluid, so it is not accurate.

Really, what should be tested when it comes to an accurate pH reading in the body is the bicarbonate levels in arterial blood.  These levels can only be tested by a medical doctor or lab, and the procedure is a painful and costly one.

Q. I don't like to drink water, can I put AlkaLife® in my tea or coffee instead?

In actuality, yes you can, but it is ideal to put AlkaLife® in water with a pH of 7.0 in order to achieve a pH of 10.0 when adding AlkaLife®.  If you don't have the discipline to drink the recommended dosage of water daily, then you may want to try Bicarb-Balance® or e-Cal® as you can take two tablets in the morning, and you're done for the day!

Q. If I can't swallow pills, what are my options?

A. Drink water with AlkaLife® Alkaline Booster.  This will turn your ordinary drinking water in high pH alkaline water.

Q. What is the difference between Bicarb-Balance® and e-Cal®?

Bicarb-Balance® is a tablet consisting of 75% potassium bicarbonate and 25% sodium bicarbonate in an enteric-coated time release form.

e-Cal® is a tablet consisting of impurity-free calcium carbonate, which when entering the bloodstream, converts to calcium bicarbonate to replenish bicarbonates to the bloodstream for acid neutralization.

Q. Can I take AlkaLife® and Bicarb-Balance® or e-Cal® at the same time?

A. All three products are excellent mineral supplements, and you can do an either/or scenario, or two, even all three, can be taken simultaneously.  In these cases, you can take the recommended dosage of AlkaLife® along with one of the tablet supplements or a half dosage of Bicarb-Balance® and e-Cal®, one in the morning and the other in the evening.  There is no need to worry about an excess of alkalinity, as the body will balance itself and discharge any excess alkaline minerals through urine and perspiration.  As we age, the content of bicarbonates diminishes, so this would not be considered an overdose.

Q. Why take e-Cal® versus Bicarb-Balance®?

A. Kidney patients have to watch their potassium intake, so e-Ca®' is an excellent choice as it is calcium based.  e-Cal® is a safe and beneficial form of calcium in the blood.  Not only does it provide bicarbonate to neutralize acid as it enters the bloodstream, but it also delivers active calcium back to the body.  e-Cal® is a win-win tablet because it delivers both calcium and bicarbonate to the bloodstream, two valuable elements we lose as we age.

Q. If I'm already taking a calcium supplement, do I stop taking it when I start taking e-Cal''

A. e-Cal' is primarily an alkaline booster, replenishing bicarbonates to the blood stream.  It also provides impurity-free calcium to the body, so it is a calcium supplement as well, but it is best to continue taking your calcium supplement, but taking it down to about  half the dosage and adding e-Cal' simultaneously to your supplemental diet.  2 tablets of e-Cal' contain 180 mg. of calcium.

Q. I was told that calcium must be accompanied by vitamin D for the body to absorb it. Does e-Cal' have vitamin D'

A. In normal calcium supplements, it is true that Vitamin D is necessary in order for the body to absorb the calcium.  In the case of e-Cal', the calcium is enteric coated and enters into the blood stream directly; therefore, it is not necessary to add Vitamin D for absorption.  Because of the fact that e-Cal' puts the calcium directly into the blood stream, AlkaLife International has taken special care to put our calcium through a special purification process as natural calcium carbonate contains impurities.

Q. Which one is better for which condition?

All three are excellent for replenishing bicarbonates to the bloodstream to neutralize acid.

For those who cannot swallow tablets, we recommend AlkaLife®.

Both AlkaLife® and Bicarb-Balance® are excellent for conditions such as kidney stones and gall stones because the potassium and sodium dissolve the stones more readily.

For osteoporosis and for people on kidney dialysis e-Cal® is ideal.

For those who have achlorhydria or hypochlorhydria, a condition where their stomachs do not produce sufficient hydrochloric acid for digestion, it is best to take either Bicarb-Balance® or e-Cal® as their stomachs will not produce sufficient amounts of hydrochloric acid to produce, as a result, a sufficient amount of bicarbonates.  The tablets will supply the necessary bicarbonates directly to the bloodstream.

Q. Are AlkaLife products FDA approved?

A. None of our three alkaline booster products are food nor medicine; therefore, FDA does not approve nor disapprove of them.  However, FDA wants to know if they are toxic when consumed as directed.  Alkaline water made by AlkaLife®, Bicarb-Balance® and e-Cal®, are tested to be non-toxic according to tests conducted by an FDA approved independent testing lab, following FDA approved test procedures.

Q. I already have the AlkaLife®, and I am drinking it. But I have some doubts, and I would like your explanation. I have a relative that has an infection in the kidneys and he is drinking AlkaLife®, but he is feeling some pain in the kidneys, is it related to the consumption of AlkaLife®'

Kidney infections are caused by bacterias that thrive in an acidic environment. You see, our urine is acidic.  Drinking a lot of alkaline water makes urine alkaline.  I've had people tell me that their kidney infections had disappeared after drinking alkaline water.  If after drinking alkaline water, the pain persists, it may not be an infection.  Have him test for some other problem around the kidneys.

The plastic bottle that I am referring to in my book is the kind of bottle in which you purchase water at the supermarket, thin polyurethane plastic.  This particular kind of plastic passes carbon dioxides, reducing the pH value of the water.  The bottle that AlkaLife® comes in is a heavy-duty medical grade plastic that does not leak at all.

In a cheap thin plastic bottle, carbon dioxide mixes with alkaline water faster in warmer temperatures; therefore, it is better to refrigerate it.

Although the bottled alkaline water pH value may drop, the only reason for that is the infiltration of carbon dioxide.  Even in those cases, once the water is consumed, the lungs remove the carbon dioxide, thus restoring a part of the original alkalinity.

When there is an infection anywhere in the body, the white blood cells declare war on the infection, and the casualties from both sides are the dead cells, which are acidic.  If the body has plenty of alkalinity, it will neutralize these dead cells and dispose of them through urine; thus recovery is much more rapid. Alkaline water builds up immunity.

Q. What if I have osteoporosis and stones together?

A. The ideal combination would be to take both e-Cal® and Bicarb-Balance® but take one in the morning immediately after breakfast and the other 10-12 hours later after another meal.

Q. What about osteoporosis alone?

A. Any of the three products or a combination will work fine.

Q. Will your products help cataracts'?

Cataracts are acid salts building in your eyes.  As we get old, or as we stress our eyes, phosphoric acid or uric acid builds up in our eyes.  Since these acids are poisonous, the body supplies calcium to neutralize the poisonous acids and they become acid salts such as phosphate, or urate.  These acid salts are not soluble and form opaque build-ups, called cataracts.  Bicarbonates supplied by either AlkaLife® or Bicarb-Balance' should dissolve acid salt in time.  Alkaline water made by a water ionizer or coral-calcium is based upon calcium based alkaline water.  Calcium cannot kick out calcium.  Alkaline water made with AlkaLife® and Bicarb-Balance' tablets are based upon potassium and sodium, which are stronger alkaline minerals than calcium, and they can kick out calcium from the acid salt.  A water softener uses this principle to kick out calcium from hard water using sodium salt.  Kidney stones dissolve better by AlkaLife® made alkaline water and Bicarb-Balance' tablets.  When potassium or sodium kicks out calcium, potassium or sodium combines with phosphoric acid or uric acid.  Fortunately, potassium or sodium compounds are very soluble, not like calcium, and they can be discharged easily into the blood stream.  It would take time, but with patience, you should see improvements. How long it would take depends upon how long and how much build-up there is. If the cataracts are in an earlier stage of development it may take less time.

The best thing to do is to make the body alkaline so that it doesn't even develop acid salts.  Prevention is much better than treatment.

Q. How soon would I feel the effect(s) of drinking alkaline water or taking the alkaline booster tablets?

It depends on the individual and the kind of symptoms you have.  Many customers experience relief of gout pain, acid reflux, morning sickness, kidney stones, fibromyalgia, high altitude sickness, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, etc.  Some people feel the effects immediately (such as morning sickness and high altitude sickness).  Some symptoms, such as high blood pressure, gout, high cholesterol, may take several weeks or even months.  If you don't feel any symptoms, you may not notice any effect.  However, rest assured that the bicarbonates, by way of AlkaLife®, Bicarb-Balance® or e-Cal® are neutralizing acidic wastes accumulated somewhere in your body.  Remember that cancer cells are also acidic and thrive in an acidic environment.

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