Q. Are Bicarb-Balance® and e-Cal® FDA approved?

A. The amount of minerals in both Bicarb-Balance® and e-Cal® tablets is so minimal that the FDA does not regard them as pharmaceutical products. As such, there is no need to approve nor disapprove of them. They are simply classified by the FDA as mineral supplements.

Q. What about antacids, such as Tums, instead of AlkaLife®, Bicarb-Balance® or e-Cal?

A. Have you read all the ingredients in antacids?  Antacids are for temporary relief of excess stomach acid only, not for continued consumption to neutralize excess accumulated acidic wastes throughout our body.  Drinking water with AlkaLife® and/or taking Bicarb-Balance® and e-Cal® are lifestyle changes; it's a daily preventative practice over time to maintain good health.  With all the ingredients in antacids, it is not recommended for long-term use.

Q. What about Bicarb-Balance® or e-Cal® versus Tums?

A. Again, antacids such as Tums, will be neutralized immediately in the stomach by hydrochloric acid with the immediate function of temporary relief of excess stomach acid.  Both Bicarb-Balance® and e-Cal® have an enteric coating and time release formula to bypass stomach acid with the primary objective of replenishing bicarbonates to the bloodstream.

Q. What are the differences between AlkaLife®, Bicarb-Balance®, and e-Cal®?

All three products add life-sustaining alkaline buffer, bicarbonate, to the bloodstream.  Medical science has discovered that we lose bicarbonate in the blood as we age, especially after the age of 45. (See article #25 of "Science and Health" section of this Website).  Now the difference between AlkaLife®, Bicarb-Balance®, and e-Cal®?

AlkaLife® puts bicarbonates into the bloodstream indirectly through the action of the stomach.  When you drink high pH alkaline water made by AlkaLife®, the stomach pH rises too high for the stomach, and it induces the stomach to produce hydrochloric acid and put it into the stomach.  At the same time, the stomach also produces bicarbonate and puts it in the bloodstream (See article #3 for details).  If the stomach is overly acidic, drinking alkaline water may not raise the stomach pH high enough, and therefore, the production of hydrochloric acid may be small, and consequently, the bicarbonate production will be minimal as well.  Bicarb-Balance® and e-Cal® do not dissolve in the stomach, they dissolve slowly in the intestine and the bicarbonate goes directly into the bloodstream from the intestine.  They do not depend upon the condition of the stomach and are much more convenient than drinking 5 glasses of water a day.  You can take Bicarb-Balance® and e-Cal® and drink alkaline water made by AlkaLife®.  Even taking all three will not over-alkalize you but will help you get rid of acid faster.  If you take more than needed, your body will dump the excess alkalinity and your urine will become alkaline.

Q. Can Bicarb-Balance® and e-Cal® tablets be broken in half for easier swallowing?

A. Absolutely not.  Do not break the tablets for easier swallowing because it will break the enteric coating.  For those who cannot swallow tablets, AlkaLife® is a better recommendation