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e-Cal pH Tablets

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£ 19.97
e-Cal pH TabletsAlkalife e-Cal® is a tablet which contains calcium carbonate powder with a time-release compound and enteric coating.  The calcium carbonate in e-Cal, upon entering the bloodstream, becomes calcium bicarbonate by the dissolving action of carbonic acid in the blood.

Note:  Calcium carbonate in natural form may contain impurities that can do harm in the blood. Calcium carbonate in e-Cal is impurity-free!

For a low bone density condition, e-Cal is highly recommended.  It is also a helpful option for people who cannot tolerate potassium and/or sodium.

  • Increases Hydration and Energy
  • Detoxifies & Supports Wellness
  • Helps Neutralize Acid in the Bloodstream
  • Improves the Immune System
  • Helps the Body Absorb Nutrients More Effectively
Content: 1 jar contains 60 tablets e-Cal and is for 1 month of use.

Ingredients: 220mg calcium carbonate surrounded by a "time released" coating. The pills do not contain any animal ingredients and are completely free of impure ingredients.

Instructions for use
: Adults: 2 tablets daily after meal. Children: 1 tablet daily after meal. Do not break or chew the tablets, but swallow whole!Patent application on e-Cal® is currently ongoing.

Additional InformationYou can take the e-Cal tablets in combination with AlkaLife PH drops and/or Bicarb-Balance tablets.The purpose of the three products is safely adding sodium bicarbonate to the body. The AlkaLife PH drops achieve this because the body itself produces bicarbonate through the stomach wall. The Bicarb-Balance and e-Cal tablets contain bicarbonate which is directly delivered to the blood stream through the walls of the intestine.

e-Cal is a good choice for: - People who are allergic to sodium and/or potassium- People who have excessive sodium and/or potassium levels in their body- People with weak bones