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There are imitators, but there is only one true Alkalife®

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Alkalife pH booster drops

PH drops is an alkaline concentrate. 3 drops added to ordinary drinking water makes the water alkaline.
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Bicarb Balance pH tablets

the Bicarb-Balance tablets are a perfect supplement to provide the body with much-needed bicarbonate buffers
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eCal pH Tablets

e-Cal Take 2 tablets of e-Cal 2 hours prior to the commencement of your sports performance.
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Aqua Ion pH tester kit

The AquaION pH test kit. This kit comes with everything you need to see your water's alkalinity in vivid color.
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Benefits of alkalife

The Original pH Booster

Alkalife is a natural, dietary supplement that plays an important part in keeping your body free from acid waste buildup.

The Science of Alkalife

Alkalife was scientifically developed to de-acidify the body and promote pH balance via a series of bio-feedback studies for optimal formulation.

Articles and Resources

Are you looking for information about alkaline health? Visit the Living Alkaline blog to explore articles and resources related to pH balance.
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